Here are some tips to place correctly and successfully
in the environments

Retail and

Space out people, manage queues and flows, regulate access to stores, directs customers to the areas ...


Create orderly entry and exit routes
to regulate customer entry ...

Restaurants, Bars
and Clubs

Regulate access to restaurant tables, ensuring
order and safety ...

Swimming pools and
Water parks

Regulate access to the various pools and slides, customizing TENDIFLEX® SPHERE ...

Cruises and

Create ordered routes in the boarding area to queue up customers and regulate access to the ship ...

Gyms and Fitness

Direct customers to the various areas of the gym, such as changing rooms, saunas, bars, training rooms, etc...

Events and

You can create an elegant corridor to reach the altar, separate the guest stations during the ceremony with style ...

Ski lifts and sports rental

You can regulate access to the ski lifts by creating an orderly entry and exit route ...

Shopping Centers and Outlets

You can create neat routes outside the stores to queue up customers and regulate access to the stores ...


You can create neat routes in the ticket office area or regulate access to the various attractions of the park ...

Wellness Centers and Spas

You can identify certain areas within the center, such as pools, saunas, relaxation areas, lounges, dining areas ...

Discos and

You can create certain areas inside the disco, such as private areas, VIP areas, outdoor bars, smoking areas, counters, swimming pools ...

Yachts and

Create private areas on board the Yacht, you can identify and separate lounges, VIP areas...

Cinemas and

Manage queues making your environment lively, captivating and innovative...

Museum and Art Galleries

Create orderly entry and exit routes, identify works of art thanks to the practical ...


Manage queues making your environment lively, captivating and innovative...

Why should you choose TENDIFLEX® ?

Strength and durability

Strength and durability are the main features of this innovative post. The use of made in Italy materials ensures a long function and durability of the product.

Endless customizations

You can choose a lot of finishes, colors and customize it with your logo in order to make each SPHERE unique, allowing you to match your corporate colors or your surroundings.

Consultancy and after-sales assistance

FLEX focuses on people: we have a dedicated team that helps you in choosing the solution that best suits your needs and your environment, following you in all stages until after-sales.

Ready to use product

FLEX supplies a product already assembled, sent in an eco-sustainable packaging designed ad hoc. The product is delivered ready to use in your environment.

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