Since 1990 Flex products have been the result of continuous research to ensure the highest quality and performance. The attention to details together with the passion to create every single element as well as the satisfaction of our clients are our business cards. Design, Quality, Innovation and Production are strictly Made in Italy.

Ergonomic and magnetic tape ends

The TENDIFLEX® are equipped with different types of tape ends, namely: ergonomic tape end and magnetic tape end. The magnetic tape end is ideal in situations where safety is a priority and, in case of emergency, it allows a simple and fast "release" of the tape end.

Endless customization

The TENDIFLEX® SPHERE can be personalized and customized in many different ways, from the cap to the upper and lower rings combined with the color of the webbing together with the finishing of the posts which leads to a unique and personal TENDIFLEX® SPHERE. The customization of all the components of the sphere allows to recall the corporate identities in coordination with the environment predominant colors.

Endless customization

The TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM can be personalized and customized in many different ways, such as the customization of the central panel which leads to a unique and personal TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM. TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM combines signage, queueing and privacy functions in a single product.

TENDIFLEX® flat base

The standard and magnetic bases are slimmed designed, manufactured in a very strong turned steel with a diagonal bevel of 7 °, fundamental characteristics for the correct pedestrian flow, especially in environments such as airports and stations, where the transiting people is very high who are very often carrying wheeled suitcases and trolleys.

Strength and durability

Strength and durability are the main features of this innovative post. The use of made in Italy materials ensures a long function and durability of the product.

Rotating 360° webbing
head unit

The TENDIFLEX® 360° allows an even easier connection between posts, thanks to the 360° degree rotation of the webbing head unit fixed on the upper part of the post, thus avoiding to lift and turn the posts. This new technical solution makes it possible to keep always the webbing stretched and in perfect position, keeping the layout of the posts always disciplined and in proper order.

Social Distance

Since 30 years TENDIFLEX® maintains distances by managing space and pedestrian flows in and outside buildings and shops. 
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