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FLEX for your Airport

Wayfinding and queue
management solutions

Ensure a safe and organized travel experience for your passengers.
Flex helps you reduce airport waiting times, increase the spaces dedicated to pedestrian flows, and make your communication clearer and more effective.
Curious to know how?

Do you want some advice on how to position TENDIFLEX® SPHERE in the various environments?
Here are some examples!

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FLEX proposes the TENDIFLEX SAFETY posts,
created specifically for outdoor…

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Digital Solutions

FLEX proposes itself as a partner to provide visibility with the help of its LED CHROME and MEDIA CHROME panels, in static and dynamic versions.


A quick and effective signage system allows the user to immediately identify the correct path to reach the pre-established destination.

Custom Solutions

For thirty years we have been offering customized solutions that can be integrated with the environment in which they are inserted. A Flex product is not an end in itself, it is an experience that takes shape and communicates a message.

Social Distance

Methacrylate walls and partitions, TENDIFLEX posts, dispensers, desk dividers, interactive thermoscanner are just some of Flex solutions to guarantee social distance and safety.

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