Automatic dispenser of sanitizing gel to be placed on our TENDIFLEX® posts.

Material: transparent shockproof cast methacrylate and high-strength polyamide (PA) cone;
Finish: transparent and Matt Black.

Flex created a new AUTOMATIC DISPENSER system to be placed on our TENDIFLEX® posts. It is a support provided with a sign holder that can be customized on both sides, the systems are, SignLine which allows a quick replacement of the message inside the panel or the custom graphic panel. The product is designed to hold the automatic gel dispenser (600 ml). AUTOMATIC DISPENSER has a unique design, in perfect FLEX style.

- Height 500 mm;

- Maximum capacity 600 ml of sanitizing gel - we recommend 550 ml (sanitizing gel excluded);

- Weight 2.00 kg;

- Drip-saving mat in absorbent fabric.

-  Message holder A5 landscape (graphic message included);

-  Adesive film A5 landscape (graphic film included).

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