Magnetic version coupling / release block.

Material: high strength PA and Nickel-plated Neodymium;
Finish: Matt Black;
Type of locking: Magnetic anti-panic;
Effectiveness of the magnetic system: Quick release, ideal in emergency situations;
Efficiency of the re-entry mechanism: frictioned re-entry that allows the smooth return of the tape into the rewinder, thus avoiding accidental breakage of the coupling cylinder and possible violent collisions of the tape against objects or people.

Comparison tests between TENDIFLEX systems and competitors’ ones demonstrate a superiority of the mechanism – In fact, due to the longer retracting time and the slower retracting speed the Whiplash area is very small. The belt cassette is specifically designed to guarantee the best protection of the retracting mechanism and also to permit its fast replacement. The design of the cassette also guarantee a simple mantaineance of the post in a completely safe situation.

Coupling automatic device for the Magnetic Tape-End that follows all the security requirements. The Magnet located in the Tape-End
is made of Nichled Neodimium, a material that represent the best of the magnet materials. The Neodimium has a lot of uses in several products and it is possible to be used in particular situations where you need the highest attractive force taking up the minimum space.

Flex offers 3 different types of tape end, namely: the ergonomic tape-end, the TYPE 1 magnetic tapeend and the TYPE 2 magnetic tape-end. The magnetic tape-end is ideal in situations where safety is essential and allows a “release” quick and easy tape. The ergonomic version is the classic version, recommended in different types of environments, and provides for a manual release.

Ergonomic Tape-end

Magnetic Tape-end Type 1

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