In your events the difference is in details?

by a touch of style!

With TENDIFLEX® SPHERE post you can maintain order, ensure safety, privacy
create special areas, and at the same time decorate the location, by customizing it with newlyweds’ names and party’s color.

In less than 20 seconds, with the innovative FLEX system, you can change the upper cap very easily.

For special occasion or simply to keep your communication update, you will insert a new message.

Here are some tips to place correctly and successfully TENDIFLEX® SPHERE in the environments:

Create a hallway to the aisle and divide space for guests sitting during the celebration…

Create special areas for most important moments, like the cutting of the cake…

Make the differences with TENDIFLEX® SPHERE, choose sophisticated colors and customization with newlyweds’ names.

With TENDIFLEX® SPHERE you can choose a wide range of colors suitable for every events.

The color "Tiffany" is one of the most famous and iconic shades of history. Elegant, timeless, it is perfect in every context.
Candy pink represent the symbol of giving and receiving love, it is expression of passion and vitality, sensitivity and sophistication.
White is the first of all colors, it represents freedom, peace, purity and a new beginning. It is a must have during wedding.
Sand color is able to share heavenly calm; it also allows us to travel with imagination.
Light blue is symbol of quietness, stability, loyalty and idealism. A youthful, fresh color, perfect for sophisticated events.

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