Why don't use an innovative product?

and give a touch of style to your business!

Make your environment lively and
captivating with our innovative TENDIFLEX® SPHERE post!

Give value to the small details.
Create environments that aim to make people happy, to have fun making people relax by giving them a sense of security and privacy.

Customize the top cap with your logo or image.
In less than 20 seconds, thanks to the innovative FLEX system, you can replace the upper cap in a very simple way!
On the occasion of particular events or simply to keep your communication updated,
you can enter a new message.

Here are some tips to place correctly and successfully
TENDIFLEX® SPHERE in the environments:

Regulate access to the boat in a refined, elegant and safe way ...

Create private areas on board the Yacht, you can identify and separate lounges, VIP areas, areas for private dining, etc ...

Regulate access to equipment rental centers, shops, repair center etc ... creating an orderly entry and exit route ...

Regulates or prohibits access to the boat during particular occasions, such as private events, visits, maintenance, cleaning, etc ...

During trade fairs, events, festivals, thanks to TENDIFLEX® SPHERE you can separate and protect the various boats on display, or regulate public access ...

Communicate in an effective and innovative way the events, the theme nights, the fairs or simply do marketing with the logo of the boat or of the company etc ...

Make your space unique and personal.


TENDIFLEX® SPHERE, in its version with an easily detachable rope thanks to the magnetic system, gives your environment an extra touch of elegance and refinement, integrating perfectly with your spaces.

Why should you choose TENDIFLEX® SPHERE?


The main feature of the TENDIFLEX® SPHERE is the ability to customize the upper cap with logos, images and texts, making it a real marketing tool.


You can choose various finishes, colors and customize it with your logo in order to make each TENDIFLEX® SPHERE unique, allowing you to recall your company colors or your surrounding environment.


Robustness and resistance are fundamental characteristics of this innovative post. The use of Made in Italy materials are a guarantee of a long functionality and durability of the product.


TENDIFLEX® SPHERE MINI, only 59 cm high, discreet but at the same time captivating and communicative. Ideal for boat and car exhibitions, museums, fairs etc.


The sign holder is fixed on the post and allows a quick and easy change of the message. The communication can be updated in a few seconds ensuring an efficient communication service.

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