Post with belt TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM with flat base.
Extensible belt up to 3.30 meters.

Material: Steel;
Extensible belt: 100% high resistance anti-parking polyester;
Plastics: high strength ABS;
Finish: Matt Black.

The brand new TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM, with an original and sporty design, allows you to customize the central panel with colors, logos, messages and much more, allowing a targeted representation of the corporate image. TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM has an avant-garde design that makes it functional to manage pedestrian flows. It is also an elegant piece of furniture that makes the environment refined

The special ultra-resistant base makes it unbeatable in terms of durability and robustness, while the extensible webbing, with triple ergonomic clip, can be used to create modular guidance systems in full safety.

- Post height 1010 mm;

- Base diameter 350 mm;

- Post weight 17.00 kg;

- Belt length 2.3m / 3.3m customizable with your company logo;

- Personalization: belt and central panel;

- Available with solid or perforated central panel.

-  Standard base  Ø350 mm;

-  Magnetic base Ø350 mm.







  Fluo yellow  

  Fluo Pink

  Fluo Orange

  Fluo Green           

TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM is an advanced system, designed to meet the needs of the continuously evolving market. TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM allows you to combine directional signage and space management functions in a single product.

TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM is designed for use in pedestrian high-flow areas, such as airports, banks, government agencies, post offices, shops and shopping centres. The original TENDIFLEX® X-STREAM is highly resistant post with retractable webbing that has been used in Italy and the world over since 1990 to guarantee the privacy of customers. TENDIFLEX® posts are the only original webbing tensioning posts guaranteeing quality, safety and reliability.

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